Wiggler MIG Spinner 34 g Spinnerbait

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Wiggler’s MIG Spinner with its freely rotating spinner and bucktail material provokes pike to attack!• Very handy when pike fishing among reeds. Does not stick.• Improve effectiveness even further by adding a jig tail to the tail hook• Sweep the area by casting the MIG Spinner at least twice in the same location and retrieve very slowly on the second cast• Material: Bucktail• Hook size: 7/0• Weight: 34 grams

Wiggler MIG Spinner 34 g Spinnerbait från Wiggler finns i kategorin Beten - Spinnerbaits. Köp nu för leverans så snart som möjligt. Denna produkt säljs direkt av Happy Angler.

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Kategori: Beten - Spinnerbaits
Artikelnummer: 3743108
Säljs av: Happy Angler

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